Three words for 2011

'Tis the season for resolutions. Yet, the only resolution I plan to make this year is not to make resolutions. I don't like the pressure and guilt that come with resolutions. For me, resolutions are less of a delight and more of a burden.

So last year, I adopted an idea inspired by Blain Hogan and Chris Brogan. The idea was to pick 4 words that would define my year. Unlike resolutions which are concerned about what I need to "do" with my life, these words are themes I want my life to "be" marked by. Brogan says he picks words to help him "the way a lighthouse helps a ship in a storm."  

Last year, my 3 words: Laugh, Create, Risk. 

This year, my 3 words: Sweat, See, Explore.

Again, these words are not meant to be as black and white or cut and dry as resolutions. They are what Joshua Blakenship would call "aspirations."

1. Sweat
The idea of sweat reminds me to be someone who is willing to do hard things. This could be literal sweat from doing a laborious physical task or from running another half marathon. I want to be willing to get mud on my shoes or dirt under my nails. But it is also a figurative sweat. This might mean digging deeper into the books I am reading or writing articles and submitting them for publication. 

2. See 
Too often I find I'm going through life too fast. I need slow down and open my eyes and see the life transpiring around me. To see is to reflect. To see is to wait. Other times, my view of God can be very limited. Will I stop and see how he is moving in my life? 

3. Explore
I can easily settle into routines. I don't like a lot of change. I take the same routes. I read the same authors. I want to be willing to mix things up, change course, try something new, step out in faith. In my job, this might mean trying new kinds of designs. As a reader, it might mean reading different genres or new authors. 

What are your words for the upcoming year?

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